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Residential Wood Roofing: What You Need to Know Before Installing Shakes or Cedar Shingles

If you want to install a wood roof on your home, there are a few options. Regulations need to be followed when installing shake roofing. You likely want to know more about the options, requirements, and laws that could affect you if you are planning on installing wood roofing on your home. The following information will help you understand shakes and wood roofing, before installing them on your home:

Wood roofing types and uses—Several types of wood roofing can be used to give your home the look of a shake roof. These residential roofing materials include:

These are different options for wood roofing materials, to give your home the look of shakes. Each type of material can be used in different situations for specific needs. There are different options for situations and climate conditions, to give any home the look of a shake roof. 

Regulations and the laws affecting wood roofing—There are laws and regulations that affect wood roofs from one area to another. There are specific requirements to use wood roofing in some areas, and wood roofs could be completely banned in other areas. Therefore, you need to check with your roofer about the laws where you live that could affect the installation of your new roof. Sometimes, the laws may require shakes to have special fire-retardant treatment, or other fire prevention measures. In some areas, the use of wood shakes on roofs is completely prohibited, and you will need to consider some of the alternative options to get the look you want.

Wood roofing applications in different situations—There are applications for the different types of wood roofing materials that you may be considering installing on your home, which include:

These are some of the various applications that you may want to consider for wood roofing on your home.

Care and repairs for different types of wood roofing—There are many different types of wood roofing, and each of them requires specific maintenance. Any of the shake-like materials you choose to install are going to mainly need to be cleaned regularly.

Wood roofing can look great and outlast other materials, but you need to consider this information before installing shakes or cedar shingles on your home. Call a roofer to ask about the options to give your home a shake roof.