In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer


Can You Turn A Flat Roof Into A Pitched Roof?

If your flat roof requires multiple patches and repairs throughout the year, you may think the only option you have available is to replace it. Before you replace your flat roof, ask a roofer if they can increase the roof's pitch, or slope, instead. A roofing contractor can examine your flat roof to see what they can do to add more pitch to it. Below are things a roof

Harnessing The Power Of The Sun: The Benefits Of Solar Panel Installation

If you are eco-friendly and want to save money, you should consider installing solar panels for your home. Solar energy is considered eco-friendly because you get power from the sunlight that flows through the solar panels. Below is information about the benefits installing solar panels offers you and your family. You can then hire a solar panel installation service t

A Look At Converting Your Roof From Shingles To Clay Tiles When You Get A Roof Replacement

If you want to change your asphalt shingles to clay tile roofing when you get a roof replacement, you should talk to your roofing contractor about what to expect with the process and whether it can be done. There may be a few preliminary steps you need to complete before the roof replacement can begin since tiles are so much heavier than shingles. Here's a look at wha

How To Handle A Roof Rot On Your Home

Roof rot is a concerning issue for homeowners. Besides its ability to destroy roofing materials and cause damage to a home's structure, roof rot is problematic because it tends to go unnoticed for too long, usually until a roof inspection occurs. If you're experiencing rot on your rooftop, you may wonder how this happened in the first place. Unfortunately, roofing mat

Should You Have A Wood Roof Put On Your Cabin Or Cottage?

If you have a rustic-looking cabin or cottage, you might be looking for roof materials that "look the part." One option you're likely to come across is wood roofing. Indeed, wooden roofs do have that natural, country appearance that people typically want for a cabin or cottage. However, it is a good idea to learn a little more about them before you have one installed.