In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Roofing Repair To Make Sure New Roof Installations Last

When you have a new roof installed on your home, one thing you may forget about is the repairs. Roofing repairs should start before the new shingles are installed on your home. Part of a good roof maintenance routine is catching the problems before they cause severe roof damage. The following roofing repair information will help ensure your new roof installation lasts.

Repairs Before Roof Installation

The installation of a new roof should begin with repairs. The repairs that need to be done to the roof before installation include replacing damaged decking and repairing issues like water damage. Once the old roofing materials are removed, you need to inspect the roof decking surface for these problems. Repair any issues with the roof decking before the moisture barrier is installed. You may also want to have the roof bracing inspected and update it if the roofing contractor recommends improvements.

Addressing Issues After Installation

There are also issues that may need to be dealt with after the roof installation. Sometimes, there are problems with leaks after the installation. Thus, you need to watch for minor problems with leaks or damage to the roof after the installation. If there is a problem, call your roofing contractor to repair these problems before they grow and cause serious damage to your home.

Starting a Good Roof Inspection Routine

The roof needs to be inspected to catch problems with damage that needs to be repaired. The inspections should begin after the installation and continue annually. You want to have any problems with damage repaired after an inspection to ensure your roof lasts. You also want to have a roof inspection done after severe weather. A good inspection routine will ensure you catch these problems to have them repaired before the damage gets too bad.

Repairing the Unexpected Roof Damage

You may also have problems with unexpected damage to your roof that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, these problems can be due to storms and wind damage. If you notice a problem with damage like leaks and torn shingles, repair these problems before they grow into something worse. This damage can also be caused by walking on the roof when doing maintenance like cleaning the gutters or debris falling from trees. There may also be issues with leaks due to nails puncturing shingles and other minor damage that may need to be repaired.

The roofing on your home can be vulnerable to various issues. Contact a roofing repair service for help catching problems before they become severe.