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The Roof Repairs That Need To Be Dealt With When Shakes Split, Crack, and Check

If you have a shake roof, there are unique problems that you are going to have to deal with. The problems that you may need to repair with a wood shake roofing are different than shingles. The shakes wear differently with problems that include cracks, checking, and leaks that develop due to these issues. The following roof repairs are some of the issues that will need to be dealt with as shakes crack, check, and leak:

Natural Defects and Changes

The wood shakes that you have installed on your roof have natural defects. Sometimes, these defects are so minuscule that they go unnoticed when the roof is installed on your home. The problem is that these defects can often get worse and cause damage to the roof of your home as the shakes age. When natural defects become more visible, they are going to need to be repaired to prevent problems from worsening.

Cracking Due to Various Issues

Other problems that you may have to deal with when your roof begins to age are cracks. There may also be cracks in wood shakes due to various issues with your roof. Sometimes, the shakes begin to split due to natural defects. These problems get worse as the roof ages and cracks grow. The cracks can lead to deterioration and leaks that cause severe damage to your home.

Checking That Happens Over Time

The shakes may also start to check, which is what happens when the wood begins to return to its natural shape. This is the natural deformation due to the curves in wood, which can cause serious problems with shake roofing. It is important to have the shakes professionally installed and have a professional repair service fix problems when checking gets too bad. Replacing the shakes with severe deformation will ensure your shake roof lasts.

Dealing with Leaks in Wood Shakes

There are also many reasons why your shakes may begin to leak. Sometimes, these problems may be due to the cracking and split in vulnerable areas. It may also be due to issues with flashing wearing out or underlayments that are worn out. There may be several repairs that you need to be done to stop the leaks and prevent them from coming back.

The problems with shakes are going to need to be repaired before they lead to decay and further damage to your home. Contact a roof repair service for help dealing with these issues.

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