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Roof Tile Repairs When Storms and Debris Cause Damage

If you have a tile roof, there are various issues that can cause damage. Often, this damage is due to debris and storms. Any issues with your roof need to be repaired to ensure your home is protected. The following tile roof repairs may be needed when debris and storms cause damage to roofing:

Moisture Damage to Clay Tiles

The moisture that comes with heavy rains can also cause damage to tile roofing materials. These problems often start in areas where there is excessive runoff. This can lead to issues with fungus growth and damage to the tiles. The clay tiles in areas with excessive runoff may begin to deteriorate. These problems are often visible when the finish of the tiles starts to flake off. If there are issues with flaking and damage to tiles due to excessive runoff, these tiles will need to be replaced.

Issues With Tile Roofing Cracking

Various issues can cause tile roofing materials to crack, which can lead to leaks. This can happen due to structural movements, debris, or storms. Therefore, some of the problems that you need to look for when repairing the tiles are cracks. Any tiles that have visible cracks need to be replaced before the problem leads to leaks and more severe damage to your home.

Missing Tiles Due to High Winds

The tiles could also be missing due to issues with high winds. When storms come, the winds can move the tiles and cause them to come loose from the roof. This problem can get worse with rain, which can cause the tiles to fall off the roof completely. Therefore, you should look for loose and missing tiles when the roof is being inspected for storm damage. Ask about adding spray foam cement beneath any tiles with exposed edges that make your roof vulnerable to wind damage.

Hailstone Damage on Tile Roofing

The roof can also be damaged by hailstones. This is a problem that often gets overlooked with tile roofs because homeowners don't think hailstorms cause damage. The hailstones that come with severe weather can cause issues like pitting, flaking, and cracks in the surface of tiles. If you notice any signs of deterioration of tiles after a hailstorm, it is likely that your home needs tile roof repairs.

Problems with tile roofing can often be repaired before they lead to severe damage to your home. Contact a roof tile repair service to fix these issues with your roofing.