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2 Types Of Residential Roof Restoration Treatments That Could Buy Your Old Roof More Time

If your roof is showing its age but you're not ready to invest in a new roof, then look into getting a roof restoration treatment. Roof restoration is much less expensive than a new roof, but it has to be applied before the old roof sustains a lot of age-related damage. Here are two residential roof restoration treatments to consider to buy more time for your old roof.

1. A Roof Coating

A roof coating can be put over asphalt shingles as well as metal roofing. A popular type of restorative coating is silicone. As long as the shingles on your roof are in fairly good shape and the deck isn't rotted, a roofer can spray a silicone coating on your roof to stop the deterioration of the shingles.

When asphalt shingles get old, they lose granules, and that causes the shingles to age faster. Granules protect against UV deterioration, and a coating can do the same thing once it's applied. A coating won't make your roof last forever, but it can add years to its life so you have more time before you have to invest in new shingles.

This roof restoration treatment involves spreading the silicone coating on your roof so it forms a continuous waterproof barrier once it dries. This adds protection against roof leaks that can cause water damage.

2. An Oil Treatment

When asphalt shingles get old, they get dry and brittle. That happens because the oils in the asphalt evaporate over time. One approach to solving this problem is to add oil to the roof. This residential roof restoration treatment brings your roof back to life by hydrating the shingles.

Soy oil is often used to hydrate and restore old asphalt shingles. When the shingles soak up the oil, they become flexible again. Plus granule loss slows down and your roof is more water-resistant. Just like other roof restoration treatments, an oil treatment can only be applied if your roof is in fairly good shape with the only problem being old shingles. A few minor problems can be repaired first, but if your roof has been leaking and has water damage, it may be too late for a roof restoration.

A difference between applying oil and putting on a silicone coating is that you keep the original color of your shingles with an oil treatment. A silicone coating is white, so the color of your roof changes. White isn't necessarily bad since a white roof keeps your home cooler. An oil application causes your shingles to darken so they look more like they did when they were new. You may want to choose the type of roof restoration you want based on how your roof will look afterward.

If you're curious about residential roof restoration treatments, have your roof evaluated by a roofer to determine if a restoration treatment is right for your roof and to learn how many years it could add to your roof's life. A coating or oil treatment could keep your roof going for several more years so you have more time to prepare for the expense of a new roof.