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Planning And Considerations That Need To Go Into Clay Tile Roofing Installations

Spanish tile roofing materials are some of the most durable, efficient, and attractive materials installed on homes. Therefore, you might be thinking about giving your home the look of clay tiles, but you want to know more about these materials first. The following information will help you with the planning and considerations that you need to know before installing Spanish tiles on your roof:

Structural Issues and the Weight of Tiles

The first concern that you may have for the installation of clay roofing tiles is the weight of the materials. Today, there are different weights of roofing tiles that can be installed on homes. If you are installing the tiles on an existing wood structure, it is usually better to use a lighter material. In addition, the roof loads of the new tiles need to be supported with proper roof bracing systems and structural support.

Tile Energy Benefits and Additional Improvements

The tile roofing you are planning on installing on your home already has natural energy efficiency. Even though the tile materials can have some natural efficiency, you may want to add to the efficiency of your roof. This can be done with features like doubled underlayments and spray foam insulation materials. These additional improvements can also help improve the Spanish tile roof with features that make them more durable and resistant to leaks.

Choosing the Colors of New Spanish Tile Roofing

The conventional colors of clay tiles have been light to dark reddish color tones. These are the natural colors of clay used to make the Spanish tile roofing materials. Today, clay tile roofing materials are available in a wide range of color palettes and styles to give you more choices for the roofing you install. These materials can even resemble modern architectural shingles and can look great.  

Installing the Clay Roofing Tiles on Your Home

The clay roof tiles have a few options when you have them installed on your home. The roof tiles can have a traditional installation using specially formulated mortars or be installed with special spray foam materials to keep the weight down. In addition, there are also modern Spanish tile systems from manufacturers that have holes to fasten them with screws or nails. Fastening tiles with screws is good to ensure materials don't work loose and fall off your roof over time.

The installation of clay tiles can be a great solution for your home. Contact a Spanish tile roofing contractor to discuss the options and planning for your new roof.