In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

3 Common Causes Of Significant Roof Damage And The Steps You Should Take

Although all roof types are meant to last, none is invincible. After the roof has served you for several decades, it will start to lose its tensile strength and efficiency. Of course, a roof is among the vital elements of your home, but it can weaken with time due to excessive exposure to harsh weather and other aspects. Proper roof maintenance is paramount because it helps prolong the roof's life. 

However, it doesn't make it indestructible At some point, your roof may suffer serious damage, particularly when a tree falls on it or due to hurricanes and other inclement weather. And although simple repairs could help fix some minor roof damages, a complete roof replacement might be inevitable when the roof is extensively damaged. Here are three common causes of significant roof damage and the steps you should take.


Most homeowners attribute roof damage to several aspects, but they don't consider age a risk factor. The truth is, as your roof ages, it becomes more prone to damages. Even the strongest or sturdiest roof will show some signs of wear and tear after several years. In fact, most roofs become brittle and weak after several decades of service, and no amount of repairs can properly fix some of the damages they sustain. So if your roof is several decades old and it's developing damage issues now and then, it's wise to contact a roofing company for a complete roof replacement.

Inclement Weather

Harsh weather elements like snow and heavy rains usually take a toll on your roof. In fact, such weather conditions cause most roofs to get completely damaged before their lifespan is over. Typically, extreme weather might not cause instant roof damage. However, repeated exposure to inclement weather will definitely contribute to severe roof damage. 

Usually, you can't do much about deep cold, extreme heat, scorching sun, hailstorms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms that your roof gets exposed to. Nonetheless, you can act fast when they cause damage to your roof. You may perhaps use a top-quality radiant guard or insulate the attic properly to avoid roof damage. But if the roof still gets damaged, invest in professional roof repairs or even ask a roofer to replace the damaged section of the roof, if not the entire roof.

Neglected Roof Maintenance

Some homeowners assume that there isn't much to do about the roof after installing it. However, it's good to know that your roof requires proper maintenance for it to serve you and be in perfect condition for many years. Unfortunately, most homeowners hardly think about their roof until it has begun to leak or after it suffers significant damage. It's recommended you get a roofer to inspect your roof for peeling shingles, leaks, damaged flashing, rotten fascia, failing granules, and damaged gutters annually. By so doing, you will always prevent roof damage or even arrest it before it gets severe.

Although age and inclement weather are some of the dangerous enemies of your roof, you could also be one of them when you neglect professional roof maintenance. Always let a roofer assess the extent of the roof damage to know whether repairs will help or if you have to invest in a new roof.

For more information about your damaged roof, contact a roofing company near you.