In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Signs You Need A Roofing Contractor

Roofs are often left untouched until it's too late. You'll rarely ever think of your roof or maintenance unless it's leaking or exhibiting signs of damage. It's time to change this approach and instead adopt a more proactive strategy. 

Look for these signs to know when it's time to call a roofing service

Aging Roof 

How long ago was your roof installed? Typically, some roofing materials can last for decades. Anything can last long with proper care and regular maintenance. Therefore, check your records for details about the installation date and maintenance. 

If the roof has lasted for years and has had little to no maintenance, it's time to call in roofing contractor services. Your roof might be fine, but everything supporting it, such as the trusses, could use repairs or replacement. 


If your roof leaks when it's raining, consider calling in roofing contractor services to inspect your roof. After the inspection, the contractor will decide whether to replace or repair your roof. 

You can also check if your roof is leaking by looking for signs of light leaking through. If light is leaking through the roof, it's a sign your roof has holes. You'll need to fix this before the rainy season to prevent water damage. 

Humid Interior 

When you enter your home, you should notice a reduction in humidity. If it's humid outside, your house should feel warmer. An easy sign of a humid interior is mold and discolored walls. You can try to clean and scrub the mold off your walls, but it won't help. Your walls will be spotless but only for a while. The alternative is to fix your moisture problem. Fix your roof to block out the entry of moisture into your home. 

Natural Disasters 

If you have recently experienced heavy rains, hurricanes, fires, storms, or any other natural disaster, remember to inspect your roof. In addition, hire a roofing contractor to inspect the structural integrity of your roof. If there is damage, the contractor will fix your roof or recommend replacement. 

Clogged Gutters 

Are gutters delivering water to your tanks when it rains? If not, check to see if there is something blocking them. If it's something like leaves, you can remove those on your own. However, if the blockage is caused by sand-like granules, contact your roofing contractor. 

The sand-like granules are typically seen as a sign that your roof shingles are deteriorating. If residue continues to increase, the roofing contractor might recommend roof replacement.