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4 Instances When Your Tile Roof May Need Replacement

When properly maintained, a tile roof can last and serve you for many years. However, harsh weather and poor care or maintenance shorten the roof's lifespan. When the roof damage goes on for years without timely repairs and proper maintenance, a time comes when you might have to take down the damaged tiles and replace them. Here are the four main instances when you might need to replace your tile roof.

When the Tiles Keep Shifting

Shifting tiles are an indication of constant wear and tear. When tiles shift, they lose their ability to maintain the roof's integrity and protective aspect. For example, a shifted tile allows rainwater to pass through to the roof membrane, the ceiling, and the walls. Moisture damage leads to the growth of mold and other relevant complications. It is advisable to replace any parts of the tile roof that have shifted. But for you to know when some tiles have shifted, you need to check the roof frequently. Timely repairs are crucial because they help safeguard your home from further damage. But if the tiles are shifting, it's safer and more economical to replace the tile roof.

When the Tiles Have Large Cracks

Cracks develop due to several reasons. First, the constant exposure to extreme sunshine followed by rain usually takes a toll on the roofing tiles. Also, if you have the habit of stepping on the tiles when performing roof inspections or repairs, they might crack. The tiles could also crack because their initial quality was poor or even in the event of a home fire. Cracked tiles eventually lead to leaks inside the home. In this case, you can replace the few cracked tiles. However, if the cracks are extensive, consider replacing the entire roof. If the tiles are relatively new, check what the warranty states about premature cracking because the roofing material supplier might replace the tiles for you. 

When the Tiles Cave

Caving is another indication that your roof has damage that needs instant attention. A caved tile roof means that structural components like the truss and the roof frame might also be damaged. You should contact a roofing contractor immediately after you notice this problem because it signals a roof that can collapse at any time. By replacing the tile roof, you ensure everyone in your home is safe.

When the Tiles Are Missing

Missing tiles is usually another indicator that you need an urgent roof replacement. In most cases, the tiles go missing after a storm, hurricane, or even after years of constant wear and tear. It is advisable to replace missing tiles immediately. You may sometimes try repairs, but they won't work if most of the tiles are missing. In this case, replacing the entire roof is the way to go.

A tile roof is usually an excellent investment, and you should do whatever it takes to keep it in superb condition. Choose a roofing professional to assess your roof's condition and determine how much damage it has suffered. The roofer will decide whether to replace the few missing elements or do an entire roof replacement.