In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

3 Potential Signs It Is Time For A Roof Replacement

Your residential roof is essential to your family members because it is responsible for protecting them against rain, storms, hurricanes, sun, or other elements. Therefore, you shouldn't wait until something terrible happens to your roofing system to give it attention. It's advisable to have it inspected regularly by a professional to ensure that it is structurally sound and safe for your loved ones. Additionally, it's imperative to familiarize yourself with the common roofing problems to help you know when to call a roofing contractor for professional assistance. If your roof is outdated or damaged beyond repair, you should have it replaced by a certified roof replacement service to improve safety and protect your house's structural integrity. 

There are other warning signs that will help you know that it is time for a roof replacement, including the following:

Your Shingles Are Deteriorating

Heavy storms or high winds can cause severe damage to your roof's shingles. For instance, your shingles may get blown away by high winds, which will expose your roof's internal components to weather damage. Moreover, as your roof ages, your shingles may wear out naturally. If you have multiple deteriorating or missing shingles, it is financially sensible to invest in a new roof instead of repairing the defective one. The new roofing system will offer maximum protection to your valuables and loved ones.   

Your Roof Is Leaking Uncontrollably

If your roof has minor leaks, it's advisable to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent water damage. However, if your roofing system has severe cracks or holes, having it repaired may not offer a permanent solution. When it rains, your severely damaged roof will leak uncontrollably, which will cause costly water damage to your valuables. It is imperative to have your roof replaced by a professional to protect your loved ones from illnesses and possessions from water damage.   

Your Roof Has Drooping Sections

Drooping is a critical warning sign that your residential roof needs a replacement as soon as possible. This problem may occur due to tree damage. Additionally, some of your roof's sections may start sagging due to weather damage or improper installation. When left unattended, your sagging roof may collapse, which makes it unsafe for your house's occupants. Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate to replace your roof if it has saggy sections, to keep your family and home safe. 

Your roof may also need a replacement if daylight is seeping through the roof boards. This problem will decrease energy efficiency in your home. As a homeowner, you should hire a certified roofing contractor to replace your roof if any of the above issues hit your home. It's not advisable to delay a roof replacement to avoid putting your loved ones' safety and health at risk.