In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Tips For Caring For Your Commercial Roof

As the owner of a business, you never want to take your commercial roof for granted. Unfortunately, with some neglect, the roof can quickly remind you just how important it is to your business and you won't like it. A neglected roof can result in leaks, water damage, wasted heating and air conditioning bills, mold, and eventually even roof collapse. This info on commercial roofing can be helpful to you:

Have a roofer come out two times a year

It may seem like having a roofer come inspect the commercial roof twice a year may be going overboard, but it isn't. A lot can happen to a roof over the course of a season, especially if the roof already has some age to it or if the business is located in an area with harsh weather conditions, whether they be extreme summers or wet winters. As such, you should have the roofers come out right before spring and again right before fall, that way you know the roof is in shape to handle the quickly approaching weather conditions. 

Have a roofer come out after a severe storm

On top of the two inspections per year, you should also have your commercial roof looked at by a roofer if a severe storm has gone through the region. Severe windstorms, heavy downpours, hail storms, and, of course, hurricanes can do a lot of damage to roofs and needs to be addressed right away to prevent major problems. Also, if a tornado came close to the building, don't assume that no damage was done to the roof just because it may not have caused other types of damage to the building. The roof is the highest-most location and therefore may have taken on damage you won't be able to see from your vantage point.

Save walking on the roof for the roofers

Unless you have invested in walk pads on your commercial roof, you should avoid walking on it. This can cause damage to the commercial roof that can even lead to replacing it sooner. Walk pads can be a worthy investment if you want to be able to go on the roof regularly and look for possible damage yourself. Walk pads also make it easier for any roofers, HVAC technicians, or other professionals to get around on the roof when they come out. 

Make sure you keep the roof and rain gutters clear

If it has snowed, then you are going to want to have the snow cleared from the roof. It can put a lot of weight on the roof and the snow can result in the form of ice that can cause damage to different areas of the roof. Knock down icicles right away because they can also cause damage. Keep the rain gutters cleaned regularly and make sure to have them repaired when you see signs of damage or separations. To learn more, contact a commercial roofer.