In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Five Times To Call The Roofer Out

Sometimes it's obvious you need to call a roofer and other times it might not be as simple. You should have a good understanding of when to call the roofer and have them come out. This guide can help you because it lists many of the reasons why you should be having a roofing service come out to your house. Here are five times to have a roofer come out: 

1: You are wondering if you may have a roofing problem

If you are wondering if there is a roofing problem, it may cross your mind to wait and see if it becomes more clear that there is an issue. However, it's much better to be proactive because it's better for you to have a roofer come out and find there isn't an issue than it is to have an issue and neglect taking care of. 

2: You are finding granules from the roof in the yard

If you keep finding granules from the roof in the yard, you may not think anything of it, especially if it has been raining lately. You may just figure all the rain is washing them off the shingles. However, you may have a very serious issue because finding granules on the ground can indicate you are in need of a new roof.

3: Your eaves don't look great

If you notice anything going on with the eaves then you want to have a roofer come take a look. The chances are good that if you are seeing something that doesn't look right with the eaves, then there are repair issues that need to be done. Some signs of problems can include paint that is peeling, wood that is splitting, or gutters that are sagging. 

4: Paint is peeling on the upper walls

You likely know to watch for ceiling stains and sags. However, something that can indicate a leak in the roof that not as many people know about can be having the paint on the walls near the ceiling showing problems. The paint might be peeling or it can be blistering and bubbling. If you notice such damage to the paint, then have a roofer take a look. 

5: It's been a while

Many people don't have a roofer come out nearly as often as they should. A roofer should be out to inspect the roof twice a year. The best scenario would be to have a roofer look at the roof during spring and during fall. If it's been a while since you last had your roof inspected, then it's a good idea to have someone come out to inspect it.