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When To Start Saving For Shingle Roof Installation

As a homeowner, roof replacement should be your top consideration when conducting a home improvement project. This is because your roofing system is your home's first line of defense against storms, strong winds, and snow. As such, renovating your home without upgrading your roofing system would be counterintuitive.

It's important to know when you should start saving for shingle roof installation because timely roof replacement could be the difference between a comfortable home and a flooded residence during a storm. Keep reading to learn indicators that point to a roofing system that's approaching the end of its life.

Inconsistent Shingle Color

Part of the reason many homeowners choose shingles over other roofing materials is to make their roofs aesthetically appealing. Shingle brands manufacture this roofing material in a wide selection of shades to ensure you find a product that suits your home's exterior design.

Because of this, shingle roof installation gives your home a unique personality. But this can be compromised if the shingles exhibit inconsistent coloration. And aside from compromising your home's curb appeal, inconsistent shingle color is also a sign your roofing system has outlived its usefulness.

When you observe blotchy colors on your roof, it's about time you started considering roof replacement. Work with a roofer who will correctly install your new shingle roofing system.

Interior Water Damage

Since your roofing system is your home's main coverage from storms, you should be concerned when you notice interior water damage around the house. This should be your cue to start planning for roof replacement because failure to address this makes your home highly susceptible to structural damage.

In the beginning, it could only be water stains on the ceiling and walls, but over time, the water your walls absorb will compromise your home's structural integrity. Acting fast ensures you secure a new roof in time to safeguard your home's stability. Your roofer will carefully lay your new shingles roof to ensure rainwater cannot penetrate.

Significant Shingle Damage

Irreparable shingle damage is an obvious sign you need a new roofing system. While shingles are hard-wearing roofing materials, after years of withstanding constant exposure to strong winds, big storms, and the scorching sun, this roofing material starts to cave in.

Worn-out shingles curve upwards, interfering with the seamless overlap that keeps your home covered. Failure to replace such a roofing system leaves your home vulnerable to water damage. What's more, strong winds can easily pluck warped shingles since they're loosely attached.

Contact your roofer with your observations to determine how long you have to replace your roof before your home is exposed to the elements.

If you've noticed any of the telltale signs discussed above, it's about time you started saving for shingle roof installation. Consult with shingle roof installation services to find out how much you need for a proper roof upgrade.