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Why The Fall Is A Great Time To Have A Commercial Roofing Inspection Completed

Your commercial roof should be inspected two times per year. Most roofing professionals recommend having the roof inspected during the spring months and during the fall months. Summer is coming to an end, so now is the perfect time to schedule your commercial roofing inspection for this fall. Here are a few of the reasons why fall is a great time to have your roofing inspected. 

It Is Safe For a Roofer to Inspect Your Roof

One of the reasons why fall is a great time to have your commercial roofing inspection is because it is a safe time for roofers to be on the roof. During the winter months, your roof may be covered in ice that can make it slippery. During the summer months, it may be hot and it can be hard for a roofer to stay on the roof for prolonged periods without risking heat exhaustion. Fall weather creates safer conditions for a roofer who needs to inspect your roof. 

Problems Can Be Fixed Before Weather Wrecks Havoc on the Roof

Another reason why fall is an ideal time to have a roofing inspection completed is that it's a good time to catch small problems that winter weather may exacerbate. If your roof has a small leak, that small leak can grow as rain falls on the roof during the winter months. Snow can also sit on a weak roof and weigh it down, potentially causing it to cave in. Catching and fixing these problems before inclement weather hits helps prevent larger roofing problems from occurring.

Weather Conditions Are Good For Repairs

The final reason why fall is a great time to have a commercial roofing inspection is that repairs can easily be made thanks to the ideal weather. In contrast, if problems are found during the winter months, it can be too cold to patch asphalt or lay waterproof membranes. Cold weather can prevent roofing materials from adhering or curing properly. It is not too cold in the fall to make the repairs, so catching them in the fall when the repairs can still be made is important. 

You Can Act Now

Kids are going back to school and temperatures are starting to cool off. This means that fall is on the way. As a commercial building owner, it's time to consider scheduling a roof inspection. Contact a commercial roofing contractor, like Drey Roofing, to schedule your inspection today.