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New Roof Installation Mistakes To Avoid When In A Hurry

When it's time to install a new roof, there are several techniques you might use to save time and money throughout the process. However, some of these time-saving steps might actually cause more problems down the long road.

Leaving the Original Roofing Materials On

Many DIY roof installers will nail new shingles on top of their older shingles. However, this can backfire because the top layer will start to fall off because it doesn't have proper support and underlayment. Instead, you should hire a roofer to remove the old shingles and install the new ones.

Failing to Properly Align the Shingles

When making haste to install your roof, you might not properly align your shingles. The butted joints need to be the same on the horizontal plane and the cutouts for the three-tab shingles need to be vertical. 

Sealing Your Roof Improperly

If you do not place and seal the flashing and counter flashing, leaks will form along the flashing that will be difficult to detect until the damage has already been done. Without the right barrier, your roof might suffocate or might not have the right defenses. 

One part of not properly sealing your roof is to not install starter shingles. These are installed alongside the eaves and prevent moisture from entering in these locations. However, starter shingles are often overlooked by DIY roof installers. 

Ignoring the Issue of Ice Dams

If you live in a cold climate, your roof will be vulnerable to ice dams. These result from your roof not being insulated enough. The ice dams force water under the shingles of your home and you will need to place an underlayer in the roof to provide extra protection.

Failing to Measure Your Roof

To install a new roof, you will need careful measurements so that your roof has the right slope. The correct slope will be based on the design of your home and the typical weather your home might experience. For example, sloped roofs are used to prevent rain from accumulating on the roof.

With the wrong slope, your roof will wear out more quickly and it's more likely that water will enter through available gaps. However, a professional roof installer will know exactly how to measure the slope to give you the perfect slope for your property. When working with a professional, you won't have to worry about being short on time because everything will be done for you. For more information, contact a company like Kerry Roofing LLC.