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5 Metal Roofing Styles

Many people are choosing metal roofing because of its durability and its efficiency. Metal usually lasts longer than asphalt or tile, and it can reflect the sun's heat to keep your home or building cooler in the summer. Metal roofing is also a low maintenance option because, after it is installed, there isn't much you have to worry about, like broken tiles or peeling asphalt shingles. Not only is metal roofing convenient, but it can also be a great choice for its style. These 5 metal roofing styles are worth a look. 

1. Corrugated 

Corrugated metal is probably what you first think of when you picture a metal roof. Corrugated metal is rippled and comes in sheets; it is typically used on sheds and other outbuildings, but it has also become a popular look for some residences. Corrugated metal roofing works well with an industrial style, and some sheets even come rusted for an authentic look. 

2. Standing Seam 

Standing seam metal roofing is one of the most common types of metal roofing and is often installed on business, but it too is an increasingly popular choice for a home. Standing seam metal roofing is just what it sounds like; it comes in sheets with a raised seam that creates parallel lines down the slope of the roof. Standing seam roofs can come in any color you want, and they look really stunning against a log exterior. 

3. Metal Tile 

Metal tile is a less well-known type of roofing. Metal tiles are made to look like ceramic roof tiles, and they often come in earthy orange-red tones. Metal roof tiles are beautiful, and they contrast with a stucco or adobe house perfectly. 

4. Metal Shingle  

Metal shingles are crafted to look like their asphalt counterparts but with all the advantages of metal roofing. Metal shingles usually come in shades of grey or brown and can fit right in with the neighborhood shingled houses. They look great on any house. 

5. Metal Shake 

Shake shingles are typically made of wood and are subject to rot and water damage, but a metal shake roof doesn't have the same vulnerabilities and can give you the cozy look of shake roofing in a more durable form. Metal shake roofs are great for a small cottage-style house or big English-style home. 

There are metal roofing options for any style of home, and you can have them easily installed by a roofing company. For more info, contact a local roofer.