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5 Improvements You Can Make During A New Roof Installation

If it's time to install a new roof, it is also time to consider a few improvements. There are several options available that can improve the appearance and the performance of the new roof.

1. Upgrade the Materials

If you are ready to switch to a different type of roofing, the best time to do so is during routine roof replacement. You can upgrade the old-budget, three-tab asphalt shingles to more attractive and durable architectural asphalt shingles. Or, perhaps you would like to switch materials completely and upgrade to a metal roof or clay tile roofing. Your roof installation service can assess the structure to make sure your roofing choice is a viable option.

2. Reinforce for Safety

Whether you are concerned about tornadoes and high winds, or if it is earthquakes or heavy snows that keep you up at night, a new roof installation is the perfect time to upgrade for safety. Special strapping can be added onto the roof structure to better secure it no matter what weather or events you are concerned about. Reinforcement can also be added, which will enable the roof to hold heavier loads.

3. Update Eaves Materials

Traditionally all roof eaves were made of wood. Unfortunately, wood requires constant upkeep and painting to keep it free from rot and to dissuade pests like insects and woodpeckers from causing damage. Updating to new eaves made of maintenance-free materials such as metal or vinyl means you no longer need to worry about any type of damage. Metal eaves are often preferred over vinyl because they are durable and can be repainted when a new color is desired.

4. Choose Energy Efficiency

There are quite a few ways to upgrade your energy efficiency when installing a new roof. Some roofing materials provide more insulation, such as insulated metal roof panels. The color of the roof can also impact efficiency. Opting for a light-colored roof reflects heat, thus reducing summer cooling bills. In a cold climate, a dark roof that absorbs heat and lowers heating bills may be the more efficient option. 

5. Reduce Moss Issues

Moss on the roof holds moisture, which can shorten shingle life. You can choose specialty shingles that are imbued with zinc or another compound that inhibits moss growth. These shingles ensure that your roof won't be damaged by wet moss and that you won't have to spend time and money on frequent moss removal cleanings. 

Contact a roof installation service like Simtech Roofing if you are ready to learn more about new roofing options.