In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Emergency Roof Repair: What To Do When Roof Starts Leaking

A leaky roof in the middle of a storm is one of the most distressing experiences a family can go through, especially when it happens in living spaces like the bedrooms. A roof leak places your family's health at risk and also poses a danger to precious items like electronics. Usually, you can spot the source of the leak fairly quickly by tracing the water flow. After taking precautionary measures, call emergency roof repair services as soon as you can.

Step 1: Move Items Out of the Leak's Harm

You should take immediate action to keep your items safe before trying to plug the leak. Remember, there is a risk of electrical fires when water contacts electrical gadgets. Switch them off before moving them.

You can then find the source of the roofing leaks, which you can spot easily by looking at darkened ceiling spots. However, leaks are not always easy to spot, especially in complicated residential roofing systems, but the roofer can identify them. There may also be more than one leak. 

Step 2: Try to Contain the Leak

Contain and control the leak, even as you wait for emergency roof repair services. A bucket is usually sufficient to hold dripping water, or you can use any other container that can hold the water. Puncture the ceiling with a sharp object to give the water a controlled escape route and prevent ceiling collapse from the water's weight.

If you can identify the source of the leak, try to plug it temporarily before doing any longer-term roof repair. You can apply roofing tape and caulk from the safe side of the attic instead of climbing onto the roof. 

Step 3: Call a Professional Roofer 

Call a professional roofer ASAP to limit the water damage. Ideally, you want a roofer who can do emergency roof repair when the storm subsides. 

The roofer will identify the leak if you haven't already and inspect it for other leaks and roof damages. Ensure to document the damage in video and pictures for insurance purposes. A comprehensive roof damage report is also helpful when filing your insurance claims.

You should also ask the roofer to provide a clear and detailed quote showing the scope of work and costs. An experienced roofer can handle the paperwork and complete the repair job in a few hours.

Do you suspect there are leaks in your roof? Book an inspection and comprehensive roof repair with a professional roofer.