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Roof Leaks: 5 Signs You Should Watch Out For

Natural aging, missing, and broken shingles can cause roof leaks. Additionally, a missing flashing can allow water to get inside your home. Roof leaks can lead to structural collapse and property loss. Thus, it's crucial to consider roof repair when you spot any leaks. Here are five signs of a roof leak you should watch out for.

1. Water stains

Tiny leaks can be difficult to spot with your naked eyes. However, discoloration in your ceiling or walls is a clear indicator your roof is leaking. You might also notice brown stains, meaning that water has infiltrated your indoor space. As a result, moisture retention can cause wall paint to peel and ruin your ceilings.  

2. Biological growth

Roof leaks increase the moisture level in your home and create a conducive environment for biological spores. In such a situation, algae, moss, and mold can invade your residence without warning. If there is a musty smell lingering in your home, most likely there is biological growth due to a roof leak. If this is the case, you should hire roofing contractors to inspect any signs of mold in your shingles. That way, mold won't spread to your home and cause severe health issues.

3. Bulging shingles

Bulging roof shingles could be an indication of leaks within your roofing system. The root cause of this issue is moisture retention. With time, your roof might start rotting and experience structural damage. Therefore, once you notice bulging shingles, get experienced roof installers to inspect and repair your roof. 

4. Sagging ridgeline

Ideally, a healthy roof should be strong and intact. However, if you have a sagging ridgeline, there could be underlying issues. Leaks can loosen your ridge due to water retention. Within a short time, these parts will start rotting and lead to sagging. Besides the sagging, there can be a spongy feel due to rot. Because a sagging ridgeline is a serious sign of a leaking roof, ensure you get the assistance of a roof repair technician. 

5. Visible holes in your ceiling

Holes in your ceiling point out to massive water damage in your roof. These holes may appear due to extensive rot and decay within your roofing system. The openings can be small or large, depending on the magnitude of the leaks. If the holes are small, you might notice drips during the day or night. However, this situation can get worse during the winter because of ice dams. Your roof deck will become wet and deteriorate if you ignore this warning sign.

If you notice any of the signs highlighted above, you most likely have a leaking roof. If this is the case, seek the services of an experienced roof repair specialist to prevent further damage.

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