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When Do You Need Gutter Repair Services?

Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your house's exterior by directing roof water safely to the ground. They protect the siding and walls from moisture damage. Well-designed gutters also boost your home's aesthetic appeal. However, gutters can have several problems, especially when poorly constructed. Some of the consequences of gutter problems include pooled water, damage to the foundation, and stained walls. What are some of the common gutter problems that require professional gutter repair?

Leaky Gutters 

Leaking gutters happen when the fasteners become loose as the gutter ages. You will see water leaking between the gutter and fascia board. Leakages can also develop in the cracks and holes left when fasteners pierce the metal.

Leaking gutters can cause severe damage to the fascia board, siding, and walls. Also, you will see peeled paint and staining where water runs down the wall. Therefore, you need gutter repair services to avoid damage that would necessitate costly exterior renovations.

Gutter Joint Separation

Heavy clogging combined with the weight of the water can make gutters pull apart. You will see leakages at the separated joints. This problem happens when the joints are not reinforced properly. Gutter repair for this problem involves riveting or soldering the joints. If you experience heavy snow in your area, combining the two reinforcements is a good idea.

Improperly Sloped Gutters 

An improperly sloped gutter will cause water to pool and spill over the side instead of flowing smoothly to the downspout. You need gutter repair services to remove guttering and install it again at the proper slope.

Bad Downspout Angle 

When the downspout is placed at the wrong angle and direction, you will have problems with water pooling where it is dumped. It could flood the basement and cause damage to the house's foundation. 

It is relatively simple to remedy this problem. The gutter repair services will extend the downspout to dump at a spot where water can drain easily away from the house.

Clogged Gutters 

Flying debris can accumulate in the gutters and cause gutter separation, pooled water, and ice dams. The weight can become so heavy it pulls off the gutters. Many homeowners experience this problem because of procrastination in cleaning the gutter due to a lack of proper climbing equipment. You should have gutter repair services clean the gutters regularly; they have the proper equipment for the job. 

Are you having gutter problems? Call gutter repair services to inspect, diagnose, and repair the problem to safeguard your house's exteriors.