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3 Ways That Wood Windows Can Be Replaced

Need replacement wood windows for your home? You should know what some of your replacement options are so you can pick the best one for you. 

Full Tear-out Method

A full tear-out method requires removing the full window frame and the trim. Many people do this for wood windows because the trim on the inside and outside of the home has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. If you are happy with the look of the trim inside the window, then you may not want to go through the process of replacing the trim and then staining or painting it. 

It's possible to avoid damage to the inside of the home by scoring the inside trim with a blade to break any seal that was created, and then using a saw blade to cut through the nails that are holding the trim to the wall. It allows the trim to stay in place and separate the window from the inside trim. The new window can then be placed against the trim and touched up, creating a lot less damage as a result. 

Pocket Window Method

The pocket window method, also referred to as an insert window installation, involves taking out the old sashes from the window and keeping the existing window frame in the opening of your home. It doesn't require removing the inside or outside trim for the window since it is all left in place and is basically untouched. The new window is then measured based on the inside dimensions of the existing window frame so that the new window can slide inside it. 

Many people like the pocket window method because it saves time and money when it comes to a window installation. You get a brand new window with the frame that goes inside the old frame, and the trim is added to the window to match your existing interior and exterior trim.

The downside of the pocket window method is that you end up having less glass in the window as a result, which may be something you are looking to avoid because you want to bring in as much light as possible. It's much more noticeable when you replace a small window that already has a limited amount of glass.

Replacement Sash Method

You also have the option of just replacing the sashes of the window. It will leave the existing frame and trim in place, and you get the benefits of a brand new sash made with new wood material. You'll also receive a brand new jamb liner as well that is designed to fit the new sash. The replacement sash method does not cause a loss of window glass, which makes it better than the pocket window method. However, it does not work for inoperable windows.

For more information, reach out to a home window replacement service near you.