In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Helpful Tips For Having Roof Repairs Done On Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property, you might need to have roof repairs done to it at some point or another. If you are looking for advice about taking care of your rental property in this way, consider the tips below.

Use Your Insurance to Pay for It

If you don't already have insurance on your rental property, then you are taking a big risk. If you do have insurance on the property, and if roof repairs are needed for a covered reason—such as if the roof was damaged during a major storm—then you should definitely think about filing a claim with the insurance company to cover these repair costs.

Have Them Done in a Timely Manner

It can be easy to put off roof repairs for your rental property since you aren't the one who lives there. However, if you want to maintain the value of your rental property, prevent damage to the home, and keep your tenants happy, then you should definitely focus on having roofing repairs done when they are needed.

Coordinate With Your Tenants

If you are in the process of fixing up a rental home that you are going to be renting out, you will probably want to have roof repairs done before anyone moves in. Then, you can make sure that your future tenants aren't disturbed and don't have to deal with roofing issues after moving in.

If you already have tenants living in your rental home, however, you may want to coordinate with them about having roof repairs done. After all, roofing work can be quite noisy, and if your tenants work from home or have small children, all of this noise can be disruptive.

Perform Interior Repairs

Hopefully, if you have had the roof repairs done in a timely manner, you might not have to worry about interior damage inside your rental property. However, if there has been a roof leak or some other roofing damage for a while, then there might be interior damage that has to be taken care of. If water has leaked into the home, for example, there might be the presence of mold in the house. This could put tenants in serious danger and should be removed immediately. Additionally, the ceilings or tops of walls in the home could be rotting or otherwise damaged because of the roofing damage. Check for this damage and perform any necessary repairs; just make sure that you have the roof repaired first.