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4 Things To Know About Composite Shingles For Your Home

Need to replace the roof on your home, but unsure about which material to use? You may be interested in using one of the newer roofing materials out there, which are composite shingles. Here are a few key things to know about how these shingles are different.

Know What Composite Shingles Are

What makes composite shingles unique is that they are not made of asphalt or a natural material. Instead, it's made out of a polymer that can be reinforced with fibers. It is able to emulate cedar wood or slate without having the downfall of those materials, which makes it a great choice for a residential unit. Composite shingles are also known as synthetic shingles, so you may see those two names used interchangeably when shopping around for a new roof.

Know Why Composite Shingles Are Worth The Cost

Be aware that composite shingles are going to cost more money than their asphalt shingle counterpart. However, you may discover that they are well worth the added cost. You are going to have a better impact rating than you'd find with asphalt shingles, and a better fire rating than with using a cedar shake roof. This gives you the best of both materials, but can still replicate the look of wood.

It is also worth comparing the warranty between different composite shingle manufacturers. You may find that the manufacturer's warranty for composite shingles is going to be longer than what would come with asphalt or cedar shake roofing material, making it worth the added cost to get composite shingles.

Know That Composite Shingles Are Walkable

One the common problems with a slate roof is that the material cannot be walked on without breaking it, which makes it problematic when you need to do roof work. A roofer needs to be extra careful with every step they take, because they don't want to accidentally cause damage. Thankfully, this is not an issue with composite shingles that simulate the look of slate. The material will not become damaged because a roofer took a wrong step.

Know How To Maintain Composite Shingles

A great thing about composite shingles is how they require less maintenance than the materials they emulate. When compared to wood or slate material, there is far less maintenance involved to keep the composite material in good condition. This is great for a homeowner that doesn't want to bother with maintenance that can be forgotten about over time. Look into replacement roofing installation for more information.