In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Roof Repair After Storm Damage: 3 Things To Check Before Seeking Professional Help

If your area has recently experienced a severe storm, the chances are that your roof could be damaged. Sometimes, the damage may be obvious, like watermarks on your ceiling or a tree branch falling on the roof. Regardless, it's advisable to seek the help of a roof repair professional to inspect your roof after a storm. Remember that after inclement weather, you're likely to experience damage that may not be evident through visual inspection. Such issues could lead to severe problems with your roof down the road. Here are notable signs you should be looking out for.

Damage On the Roof Flashing and Shingles

When you experience inclement weather, the first parts of your roof you should check for damage are flashing and shingles. When you experience strong winds and heavy rains, your roof shingles will become loose or even break. If this happens, it leaves your home susceptible to water damage. It's also crucial to visually inspect whether the roof flashing has fallen out of place. Sometimes damage to the flashing and shingles may not be evident. That's why your repair professional should inspect and make the necessary repairs.

Damage Due to Trees and Other Debris

If you have trees close to your roofs, ensure that you trim the branches. When you don't do this and experience a severe storm, the branches will break and fall on your roof, causing damage to the shingles. It's also possible for severe storms to blow debris from other areas and hit your roof. In such cases, ensure that you closely inspect for signs of impact damage, such as dents and holes on the shingles. For such a problem, call a roofer to check the extent of damage and make the necessary repairs.

There's Water Damage in Your Home's Interior 

When you've suffered from heavy storms characterized by hail or heavy storms, the damage to your roof shingles can cause water to enter your home. A key indicator of water damage is water marks on the ceiling or wet spots on your walls. If the roof deck has been damaged, spotting water damage can be difficult without the help of a professional. So, if such an issue arises and isn't addressed, you're likely to have a mold problem that could end up causing respiratory issues for your family.

When a storm hits your area, it's likely to leave you with damage that requires extensive repairs. Some damage to your roof is easy to detect, while others require the intervention of an experienced professional. Check out the few things above before seeking professional roof repair services.