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3 Types Of Metal Roofing And Some Of The Metal Roofing Supplies Needed For Installation

Metal roofs come in different styles, so there are a number of metal roofing supplies you should know about since the different styles of roofing are installed in slightly different ways. The roofs start out the same basic way with plywood decking and underlayment. Then the supplies are chosen according to the type of roofing being installed.

Here's a look at three types of metal roofing and how they differ when it comes to the supplies needed and their installation methods.

1. Exposed-Fastener Roofing

Exposed-fastener roofing gets that name because the metal panels are screwed to the deck and the tops of the screws are left exposed. This type of roofing is less expensive, so it might be used for outbuildings or commercial uses. Exposed-fastener roofing can be used on homes too, but it's not as attractive as other options since rows of screws are showing.

The screws are important supplies for this type of roof because they need to be chosen carefully. To help them blend in better, you should choose screws that match the color of the metal panels. A company that sells metal roofing supplies should be able to supply you with color-coordinated screws and flashing so the roof is as attractive as possible.

You can choose from different types of metal panels too according to the look you're hoping to achieve, cost, and durability. The panels are made from different types of metal and that affects how the roof looks and how much it costs.

2. Standing-Seam Roofing 

Standing-seam metal roofs have a smooth and tidy appearance since the fasteners are hidden. These are installed in a different way. You have to attach the sides of the panels to each other. There are a couple of ways this is done. The least expensive option is to snap the legs together. The most expensive choice is to bend the seams down once or twice.

Bending the seams down makes the seam waterproof, so it's the best option, but bending costs more than just snapping the panels together since it requires more time and labor. You'll need to have a seamer tool that runs along the seam to do the bending when you install this type of metal roofing panel.

3. Tiles And Shingles

If you want a different look from metal panel roofing, you can choose metal shingles or tiles that look like slate. These are installed in a similar manner as three-tab asphalt shingles in that the metal shingles or tiles lap over each other and are adhered with a row of screws at the top of the shingles. They also require supplies similar to asphalt roofing that include valley flashing, eave starter row, and ridge cap.