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3 Flat Roofs Options To Consider For Your Home

Many people associate flat roofs with commercial and industrial premises. In residential properties, the tradition is to build pitch roofs for a homey appearance. However, times have changed, and modernist homes accommodate flat roofs.

Here are three flat roof options to consider for your residential property.

1. Green Roofs

Also known as vegetative, living, or eco-roofs, green roofs usually have a waterproof system covered by green vegetation. Green roofs present a magnificent view of nature and serve the following purposes:

Green roofs provide many eco-friendly benefits. Nonetheless, the construction and maintenance costs are a little high. Also, a roofer must reinforce and strengthen the underlying structure to carry an extra load before you install a green roof.

2. Modified Bitumen Roof (MBR)

MBR is a light asphalt-based sheet designed for houses with low-slope roof structures. The design of MBR is based on the built-up roofing technology. In the design, manufacturers add polymer-reinforced layers or rolled sheets to provide various installation options.

MBR is usually easy to install. Besides, some versions come with a self-adherent sheet, which makes the task DIY-friendly. MBR also has a high puncture resistance, which makes the option durable. The downsides of MBR are its shorter lifespan and its ability to develop cracks within a shorter time. But, with appropriate maintenance from a qualified roofer, you can increase MBR's lifespan.

3. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is one of the common and ideal flat roof systems for your home. The material is resistant to harmful roof agents like fire, UV rays, chemicals, and hurricane wind. Also, due to the light color, PVC efficiently traps energy. So, you get an energy-efficient option that doesn't strain your HVAC.

PVC boasts durability, especially when combined with additives like stabilizers. The downside is that PVC becomes brittle when the embedded plasticizers emigrate. Nonetheless, your roofer can install a thicker membrane that accommodates more plasticizers and stabilizers for increased lifespan.


All the above materials offer great flat roofing options for your home. However, you should choose one that fits your budget and desire. Then, once you have the right flat roof for your home, you can enjoy the associated outcome and benefits. Also, your flat roof can give you many years of service with the proper installation and maintenance from a qualified roofing company.

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