In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Helpful Services Most Roofing Contractors Offer

Many homeowners call a roofing contractor when they need a new roof or when they need roof repairs. Indeed, these are the most important circumstances under which you should call a roofer. But roofing contractors also have more to offer. They tend to offer other services which you may find helpful from time to time. Review the list of common services below, and keep them in mind for times when they may come in handy.

Gutter Cleaning

Not every roofing company installs gutters; some contract this part of the job out. However, roofing companies that install their own gutters tend to also offer gutter cleaning as a service. This saves you from having to clean the gutters yourself, and it often means they end up cleaner, as pros know how to get all of the gunk out. Plus, people often need to have their gutters cleaned in the fall, which is when roofers have slowed down on the roof replacements for the season and tend to have more time.

Roof Vent Additions

Do you ever venture into the attic and find that it feels overly moist or humid? Maybe you've also noticed some mold on your insulation as a result of this humidity. Call a roofing company and ask them to assess your roof vents. They may recommend having a couple more roof vents added. This should increase ventilation, keep the attic dry, and prevent further issues with mold and mildew down the road.

Sound Barrier Installation

Do you hear a lot of noise when it rains on your roof? You may have accepted that this is just how your roof is, but that's not necessarily the case. Call a roofer and tell them about your problem. They may be able to install what's known as a sound barrier. This is basically an extra layer of insulation on the underside of the roof. It absorbs and dissipates sound so you won't hear nearly as much when it rains. Your roofer may also identify specific parts of your roof that are creating the noise. For instance, it may be a piece of flashing in a valley. Covering this flashing can help quiet the sound.

Roofing companies do a lot of repairs and replacements; it's the bread and butter of their work. However, you can also depend on roofers for other services over the years. Keep the options above in mind in case you need them.