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Common Residential Roofing Problems You Should Know

As a homeowner, you'll always encounter different roofing problems during your lifetime. Therefore, you must know these problems to invite residential roofing services for repairs. This article will focus on the common roofing problems homeowners experience. So, read on to learn more!

Fungal and Moss Growth

People living in areas with a humid climate will often have to deal with moss and fungal growth on their roofs. While plant growth on your roof might seem normal, you shouldn't allow it to thrive. Besides, these plants will damage your roof shingles and stain them. As such, you need to call an experienced roofer to clean the roof and remove the moss. The roofer will also restore your roof to look new again.

Loose Shingles or Tiles

If your roof is made using shingles or tiles, you must watch out for this problem. These roofing materials are notorious for becoming loose after some time. Besides, if you had opted for a DIY roof installation, you might have done it incorrectly. Maybe you didn't hammer the nails correctly. As such, the shingles might become loose once strong winds blow. If you notice loose shingles, have them tightened or replaced by a professional.

Hail Damage

Hiring a residential roofing service after a hail storm is essential. These experts will inspect your roof to see if the hail stones caused any damage. Although the damage might be minor, you still need the roofer to do the repairs. Maybe your shingles were dented, others were blown off, or your flashings were damaged. All these problems can go unnoticed if you fail to schedule a roof inspection after a hail storm.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof can ruin your home's appearance. It makes your home look old and neglected. And since it's hard for a sagging roof to go unnoticed, it's up to you to act fast. Remember, a sagging roof is salvageable if you get a roofer to address the issue early. Moreover, you wouldn't want to ignore the problem because you never know when the roof will collapse. 

Clogged or Sagging Gutters

Clogged, leaking, or sagging gutters should never be ignored as they'll come to haunt you during the rainy season. Remember you want the gutters to drain rainwater smoothly to avoid leaks and water ruining your exterior walls. So, if you notice the gutter system has problems, ask your local roofer to repair them. You can even replace the gutters if they are old or too damaged to repair.

Other problems are:

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