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How Much Will It Cost You To Replace Your Roof? 3 Factors To Consider

Roof replacement is a project you will find necessary at some point, regardless of how good your current roofing material seems. This is because your roof structure will incur various damages with continued use, exposure to harsh elements, and age. More so, repair bills will increase, and your home's energy efficiency will decrease. Given this, replacing the roof will be a more sound investment considering the long-term benefits. Here are the factors that will determine the exact amount you will spend on a new roof.

The Size of the Home

The surface area the roof has to cover greatly determines the cost. Hence, if you have a small house with a small roof, you will need fewer materials, and the project will cost less. On the other hand, larger roofing projects need more roofing materials, time, and labor, which increases the installation cost. More importantly, note that the square footage also depends on the roof design. For example, gable and hip roofs cover larger areas than flat ones and require more materials. Hence, discuss these variables with a roofing contractor near you to help choose an installation that meets your budget.

The Preparations Needed

If you are re-installing the entire roof and underlying structures, the preparation process will involve creating and installing the supporting beams. Moreover, you may have to pay for demolishing the existing roof support structure, which means you will have a higher budget than a homeowner who only needs to replace the roofing material. Also, note that the preparation will involve removing the damaged material and installing a new layer over the existing underlying structure. Other options you may consider include roofing over existing materials, but this is not advisable when you want a durable installation.

The Material You Choose

You will find many roofing material choices in the market today. As such, the type of material you choose will determine how much the project will cost. For example, slate is more expensive than asphalt shingles, meaning it will cost more to install such a roof. Other options include metal, built-up-membranes, single-ply roofs, and more. A contractor can help you compare the cost and benefits of the different materials before picking one that best suits your needs.  

Your Location

You should know that location determines accessibility, material availability, and how easy it will be to install the roof. As such, if you live in a remote area, you might pay more, given the increased transportation cost and time needed to complete your project. That said, you can find out from the contractor how much your neighborhood will affect your roofing cost. In addition, they will help you create a budget that will consider these factors and give you the best results.

These are a few determiners of how much you spend when re-roofing your home. Contact a local company for more info about a roof replacement