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Give Metal Roofing A Second Look

If you are preparing to have your home re-roofed, you've probably heard of metal roofing. Many people give metal a passing glance. Then, they worry that it will be loud in a thunderstorm or that it will rust, and they move on to selecting a different type of roofing. Metal roofing is not right for every home, but here's the thing: you may want to give it a second look. Here are a few reasons why metal roofing may be a better choice for your home than you're imagining.

It's not actually loud.

If your key reason to avoid metal roofing is because you're convinced it will be loud during a storm, then you can set your worries aside. Modern metal roofing is installed over dense sheets of insulating material. Alternatively, it can be installed over spray foam insulation. This insulation not only helps keep your home warm in the winter. It also absorbs noise. When properly installed, metal roofs are just as quiet as shingle or tile roofs.

It can help you save on energy.

Energy prices are climbing, so it's a good idea to do all you can to conserve energy. Installing a metal roof can be one of those things. In the summer, metal does a good job of reflecting sunshine and heat waves, so your upper floors stay cooler and your air conditioner does not have to work as hard. 

It comes in many different colors and styles.

You probably have a specific image in your mind of what a metal roof looks like. But the reality is that there is no standard metal roof. They can look however you want them to look. Sheet metal roofs are common, but there are also metal roofs made from individual metal shingles. You can also choose from many different color options including bright colors and more subtle tones.

It won't rust — at least for a long time.

Metal roofs are generally made from galvanized steel. This steel is coated in a thick layer of zinc-based compounds, which do not rust. The roof will eventually rust, but not for many decades, so that's really not a reason to avoid metal roofing. When it starts rusting, it will be time for a roof replacement.

Now that you know a little more about metal roofing, it is time to give it a second glance. It might be the right choice for your home after all. For more information on why you should seek a metal roof installation, contact a company near you.