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How Hailstorms Can Lead To Roof Repairs

While there are some parts of the country that are more prone to hail than others, any region can have a serious hailstorm. You should understand the role that hail can play with regard to roof damage. This way, you know what to expect and how to react if your own roof is damaged by hail.  

How Hail Can Cause Damage

Some hailstorms produce tiny pieces of hail that can be as small as peas. This is fun hail that turns the ground white but won't cause injuries or damage to things like your roof. However, there are hailstorms on the other end of the spectrum. They can produce hail that's larger than golf balls. This hail can injure you if it hits you. It can also damage your siding, break windows, and cause damage to the roof. 

How Hail Can Damage Different Roofs

There are some types of roofing material that can stand up better to hail than others. However, when large enough hail comes down with enough force, it can damage most types of roofs. Some ways different roof materials can be damaged in a hailstorm include: 

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs can get bruised from hail, which isn't a serious concern. However, hail can also cause divots, and these divots can lead to leaks. A lot of granules can also be knocked off the shingles. These granules are there to help with home efficiency and offer additional protection for the roof. It's important to have any visible damage looked at by a roofer. If there is a risk of leaks, then they should repair the damaged areas. 

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes can be seriously damaged in a hailstorm. When the hail strikes the shakes, it can split them in half. Extensive hail damage would require a shake roof to be completely replaced. However, if there are only some areas with damage, then you can have it repaired. 


When tiles get struck by large hail, they can chip, crack, or break the tiles. If you suspect there's hail damage to your tile roof, you should have the roof inspected. This way, any damage can be promptly repaired. 

How Hail Can Damage Other Parts of the Roof


Flashing includes thin metal pieces that are installed on roofs in specific sections. These sections can include the area around vents, chimneys, and in the valleys. The flashing helps prevent leaks and other problems. Hail can strike the flashing and cause damage. This leaves those areas of the roof more prone to leaks, mold growth, pest infestations, and other problems. Any flashing damage should be repaired right away. 


Like the surface of the roof, the rain gutters can also be damaged. That damage can cause problems with the functioning of the gutters. That can lead to other issues, like stained siding and soil erosion around the foundation. Any gutter damage should be repaired quickly, so it's done before the next rainstorm. 


Anytime you doubt the condition of your roof after a hailstorm, it's best to have the roofer come out and see if any repairs are needed. Taking this type of approach can help you catch issues early and avoid more serious ones.

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