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Should You Have A Wood Roof Put On Your Cabin Or Cottage?

If you have a rustic-looking cabin or cottage, you might be looking for roof materials that "look the part." One option you're likely to come across is wood roofing. Indeed, wooden roofs do have that natural, country appearance that people typically want for a cabin or cottage. However, it is a good idea to learn a little more about them before you have one installed. Here are the key things to know before you have a wood roof put in your country home. 

There are two primary types of wood roofs

When people talk about wood roofs, they may be referring to roofs made from wood shingles or those made from wood shakes. Wood shingles are similar to asphalt shingles; they are an engineered, layered material. The top layer is a piece of wood, which is usually cut across the grain. Wood shingles have a rustic look, but they are not 100% wood or 100% natural. The other type of wood roofing is wood shakes, which are just pieces of wood cut with the grain. Wood shakes are more natural, and they have a more rustic look than wood shingles. However, they don't tend to be as long-lived. Take a look at some samples of both wood shingles and wood shakes to get a better idea of which look you prefer for your cottage or cabin.

The wood used to make roofs isn't at a huge risk for rot or insect damage

When you tell people you want a wood roof, they will often respond by telling you that they are worried the roof will rot or be invaded by insects. These would be reasonable concerns if your roof was made from pine or oak. But most wood roofs are made from cedar or cypress. Both of these woods contain natural oils that deter both the bacteria that cause rot, and also the common insects that eat wood. Termites and carpenter ants don't eat cedar or cypress wood. This also means you won't need to treat your wood roof. It won't need to be sealed or painted. Leaving it natural allows it to protect your home naturally, and it also helps preserve that natural, rustic look.

Now that you know a little more about wood roofs, you should be better prepared to have one installed on your cottage or cabin. Talk to a residential roofer in your area to learn more.