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How To Handle A Roof Rot On Your Home

Roof rot is a concerning issue for homeowners. Besides its ability to destroy roofing materials and cause damage to a home's structure, roof rot is problematic because it tends to go unnoticed for too long, usually until a roof inspection occurs. If you're experiencing rot on your rooftop, you may wonder how this happened in the first place. Unfortunately, roofing materials can begin rotting when excess moisture builds up between them, which can cause them to deteriorate slowly. Now that you've discovered this problem, it's crucial to take action to have your roof repaired before the rot gets even more out of control.

How to Get Help with Removing Roof Rot

Removing roof rot isn't something you should do on your own. If it has already progressed, your roof may have started sagging, and standing on it could be dangerous. Rather than trying to handle the rot by yourself, hire a residential roofing contractor who can assist you in removing the rot and replacing any materials that are no longer usable.

When working on your roof, the contractor will assess the level of damage. If you've caught the rot earlier on, the repairs may be simple, with the contractor removing the damaged roofing materials and putting new materials in their place. However, if you're dealing with excessive rotting, the contractor must carefully remove damaged pieces one by one, including shingles, decking, and flashing. They won't be able to install new materials until every rotting piece is no longer on your rooftop and the issue with moisture gets addressed. It's necessary to discover where the moisture came from to understand the root cause of the rotting materials. Once you know why it happened and how to avoid it, you can keep such a frustrating situation from reoccurring.

How Long Will It Take to Completely Get Rid of Roof Rot and Repair the Roof?

Your roof may be under construction for several days, with most roofing contractors completing such a project in less than a week. Keep in mind that the length of time will also depend on the overall condition of your roofing materials, with severely damaged materials requiring more effort on the roofing contractor's behalf.

Upon discovering roof rot, contact a roofing contractor who can work on removing the rotted materials and solving the moisture-related issues you're experiencing. If you leave it go, this problem can cause your roof to begin sinking to the point that leaks and structural damage occur.

Reach out to a local roof repair contractor to learn more.