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Is A Gable Roof Right For Your New Home?

Drive down most streets in the US, and you'll notice that many of the homes have gable roofs. A gable roof is simply a roof that has two slopes that come together in a ridge. If the home has multiple wings, each wing may have its own gable roof, and the two segments will meet in a valley. So, if you're having a new home built, should you follow suit and have it designed with an ever-so-popular gable roof? Here are some pros and cons to consider as you make this decision.

Pro: Gable roofs require fewer materials

In comparison to four-sided roof shapes, such as hip roofs and pyramid roofs, gable roofs use fewer materials. This helps keep your roofing costs down, both now and when you eventually have the roof replaced. The cost savings will really add up if you're using a more expensive roof material such as concrete tiles or metal shingles.

Con: Gable roofs are not that wind-resistant

It's not that hard for wind to catch under the edge of a gable roof and peel it off. This is not an issue in most areas that receive normal levels of wind. However, if you are in a hurricane zone or along the coast, a gable roof may not be the best choice. A hip roof or pyramid roof typically offers more wind resistance.

Pro: Gable roofs shed snow well

As long as you have your gable roof designed with a steep enough slope, it should shed snow well. The snow should slide down off the sides of the roof rather than build up and add weight to the roof. This is especially the case if you make the roof from standing seam metal or metal shingles, which get slippery when damp.

Con: Gable roofs reduce headroom in the top story

If you build living space into the top of your home, it will have slanted walls. These reduce headroom toward the edges of the room. You can, of course, make the entire section under the roof into attic space, but people often see that as a waste.

If you do not mind having slanted walls and don't live in a really windy area, designing your home with a gable roof is a wise choice. This roof style sheds snow and rain really well, and it is affordable to build, replace, and repair over the years.

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