In Case of Emergency, Call a Roofer

Check Your Roof After It Hails

Generally, your roof experiences gradual wear and tear. However, some things can damage it instantly. For instance, hailstones can hit anything in their way with considerable force while coming down. The issue is that their impact is unpredictable. Hailstones' force isn't just a matter of their size. Instead, it's affected by other factors that range from wind to friction. As a result, you can't tell if your roof has suffered any hail damage until you check, which is something that's often best entrusted to a roofing contractor.

How Do You Know It Has Hailed?

Chances are good that you'll hear the distinctive sound of hailstones striking your roof and the rest of your property if you're home while it's hailing. Luckily, you can also check for visual signs of damage if you weren't. Your plants might've lost leaves. Similarly, your home's exterior elements might have new dents. The more it hails, the more necessary a roof inspection becomes. Each occasion means another chance for hailstone damage that can cause issues. Any problems will be more manageable if you catch them early rather than when your roof sprouts a leak.

What Are Some Potential Signs of Hailstone Damage On Your Roof?

Dents are one of the most common signs of hailstone damage on your roof. These tend to be small because most hailstones won't surpass anything larger than a US quarter in diameter. Still, you might find larger dents if your house has been through a severe storm. Other common signs of hailstone damage include, but aren't limited to, tears, bruises, and punctures. Be warned that these issues aren't always immediately visible. A hailstone can hit a roofing shingle with enough force to split it underneath while leaving its surface intact. Due to this, you won't see the problem unless you lift it to check before putting it back in place.

Should You Inspect Your Roof Yourself?

You can inspect your roof for hailstone damage yourself. However, this might not be wise unless you know what you're doing. Roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. That makes sense considering the potential for falls, particularly after storms have left behind slippery conditions. Besides this, there are the challenges of detecting hailstone damage when it isn't always obvious. You can only get the most accurate assessments of your roof's condition from someone with the relevant expertise and experience. That means professional roofers in most cases. Hailstones aren't the only things that can damage your roof. Knowing what's responsible for what is critical in case you need to make insurance claims or preparations to protect your roof from potential threats.

Reach out to a roofing contractor near you to learn more.